We stock a wide range of feeders to cover all types of feeder fishing from brands such asMAP, Frenzee, Browning, Dinsmores and many more.

 What is feeder fishing? A swim feeder is most commonly a cylindrical shaped container which has holes in the side which is filled with bait and attached to your main reel line. There are two traditional types of feeder, block end feeders and open end feeders. However in recent years there has also been a 3rd type of feeder developed which is arguably the most deadly, the method feeder. All swim feeders for fishing are designed to place your bate on the deck, at the bottom where the fish are feeding.

Feeders come in various different sizes and weights, depending on how far you want to cast and how much bait you want to deposit on the bottom of the lake, river or canal.

Detecting bites when fishing a swim feeder is different in that you don’t use a float, instead you use a specialist rod with a “quiver” tip. Read on to see how to detect a bite whilst feeder fishing.

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