To provide high quality fishing tackle at the best possible prices.

The company was formed 25 years ago and has been heavily involved over the years in the distribution of major angling brands including:-

  • Tubertini
  • Rive
  • Shimano
  • Triana
  • Sensas to name a few.

We then decided with the development of our own products to concentrate on:-

  • Grandeslam
  • Academy
  • Waverunner
  • English Branch Brands

The company has now signed up with Des Taylor who has stared in many DVD's such as Fishing with the experts to help develop design and promote the Grandeslam brand along with a new specialist brand to be announced soon.

Kevin Ashurst ex world champion is now actively involved in the development of new match angling products.

Our brands are moving from strength to strength.

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Grandeslam 2 Drawer G1 Seat Box

Product no.: GSW G1

£79.95 *
Old price £129.99

Grandeslam 2 Drawer G3 Seat Box

Product no.: GSW G3

£122.95 *
Old price £169.99

Grandeslam Carbo Margin Master 6m Pole

Product no.: GSW G430

£20.95 *
Old price £39.99

Grandeslam Carbo Take Apart 11m Pole

Product no.: GSW034

£44.95 *
Old price £99.99

Grandeslam Carp Pole Elastic Kit 3m Spool

Product no.: GSW G710

£3.95 *
Old price £5.99

Grandeslam Strike Landing Net 50x45cm

Product no.: GSW G501

£7.95 *
Old price £10.99

New Grandeslam World Class Seat Box 4 Draw

Product no.: GCD3

£185.90 *
Old price £299.00

Grandeslam black Team Seat Box fishing

Product no.: GCD4

£22.50 *
Old price £46.99
In stock

Grandeslam Supreme 11m Pole

Product no.: G485

£74.50 *
Old price £149.99

New Grandeslam Deluxe Pole Roller

Product no.: G1008

£24.00 *

Grandeslam 2.7L Pellet Pump

Product no.: 50

£12.50 *
Old price £15.99
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