Sensas Classic competition 12ft Carp Float


Sensas Classic competition 12ft Carp Float

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Sensas Classic competition 11ft Carp Float
Carp Float 11ft/ 12ft Fantastic Tip to Middle action rods, perfect for playing carp of all sizes. They have an ideal action for accurately punching out Pellet Wagglers up to 16gm. Available in two sizes, 11' and 12' they both have all of the pre-requisites needed for this type of rod. They have built in power, yet an action that increases the power progressively, so you can land the fish quickly without trying to force them. They are light and balanced for superb handling and of course finished with the finest guides and fittings. Overall great rods that will definately put more fish in your net. Lines 3-8lb. Diameter 0.16-0.25 Float capacity 2-16gm.
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