Browning Xitan Z14-1 Advance 18.6m Super-Pro NEW SALE PRICE


Browning Xitan Z14-1 Advance 18.6m Super-Pro NEW SALE PRICE

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Browning Xitan Z14-1 Advance 18.6m Super-Pro

18.6m Super Professional Pack Comprises:

  • Xitan Z14-1 18.6m Advance Pole (Including integral pre-bushed match kit).
  • 1 x Section 5/6 square pole protector.
  • 1 x Section 7 square pole protector.
  • 1 x Section 8 square pole protector.
  • 1 x Section 9/10 square pole protector.
  • 2 x full length power section.
  • 2 x short section.
  • 12 x additional SLK top kits.
  • 2 x SLK short one piece top kits.
  • 1 x SLK cupping kit including 3 pole cups.
  • 1  x Top quality 12 tube pole holdall.
  • 1 x 9.5m Xitan Xtreme Margin Pole Set (Fully section compatible).
  • Browning's Xitan Z12 pole set a new performance standard with its fine balance of rigidity, strength and weight, plus a host of totally unique features. They have continued to push the boundaries of pole design, and for 2015 they have introduce a new pole that will again set the standard by which all other poles are judged – they present the Z14-1.

    By using new types of Silica Reinforced Carbon and resins – the first time in pole manufacture - they have been able to produce a new and outstanding competition pole which is significantly stiffer, lighter and stronger than the Z12. This is a serious pole for serious anglers – those who demand the very best tackle that money can buy. Every aspect of the Z14-1 has been optimised – from topkits to butt sections… and everything else in between. Even paint use has been minimised as they know that performance on the bank is more important than showroom appeal to discerning anglers.

    The Z14-1 is built on the same mandrel as the Z12 and it is a true 16m pole without the need for a mini-extension. It inherits all Xitan advanced features and also introduces some totally new concepts including:

  • Ergonomic, square shaped Pole Protectors made using a carbon process unique to pole manufacture. These innovative sections make fishing at long lengths very comfortable and minimise elbow pain. They also protect the pole and give extra length.
  • New versions of their popular 2-hole side pulla topkits incorporating an innovative design of directional PTFE bush which provides ultra-smooth and reliable operation without any moving parts.
  • A one piece, 2 metre top kit designed for fishing with short rigs or in shallow water. Uniquely amongst similar poles, the Z14-1 still reaches 16m with this short kit if the Pole Protector is used. The Z14-1 was extensively tested in “real world” conditions before release and has been benchmarked against all current top-end poles.
  • Browning are confident that this is the most advanced pole that has ever been made available to anglers. The Z12 “raised the bar” for pole design … they’ve now taken the best and made it even better!


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