Browning Feeder Seatbox

Browning Feeder Seatbox

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Browning Feeder Seatbox.

Browning's new range of seatboxes have been carefully designed to be compact and light weight, but still provide plenty of space for rigs and tackle. The main frame of the box is more compact and lower in height than similar designs. This makes easier for the wider range of anglers to find a comfortable seating position. The new style cassette footplate designe is compact and light in weight, but keeps the box very stable and secure. A totally new designe of adjustable short leg is available for anglers who mainly fish from platforms.This leg has reduced height adjustment, but keeps the box very low to the ground and is generally more compact than full length legs. Conventional standard height adjustable legs are also available.

The Maxi-Lite Seatbox is available in two forms

The Feeder Box

Under seat 20mm tray

two deep front opening drawers

40mm medium tray

Tray lid unit

Long adjustable legs


Competition Box

35mm deep side opening drawer

80mm deep tray

Tray lid unit

Multi adjustable short legs

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