Frenzee Precision 4m FXT PRO Handle


Frenzee Precision 4m FXT PRO Handle

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Frenzee Precision 4m FXT PRO Handle
Strength, lightness and stiffness are all factors that have to be taken into consideration when building landing-net handles. Frenzee haven’t just considered them, they’ve perfected them. As a result, the new Frenzee 4m Precision FXT Pro Handle is THE ultimate netting tool. This fantastic take-apart handle has a full-carbon body with two threaded heads, meaning you can use the handle at both 3m or 4m lengths. Very light, incredibly stiff and beautifully crisp at its full 4m length, take the top section out and you have an ultra-strong 3m handle that performs like no other. This means you are in total control of the netting process all the time, not the fish. A wise man once said: “Buy cheap, buy twice” and never has there been a truer word. You won’t know how much difference a good net handle makes… until you try the best!
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