Frenzee Precision FXT 16m Pole


Frenzee Precision FXT 16m Pole

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Frenzee FXT Precision 16m Pole with match holdall
Packed with added features Frenzee have simplified a confusing market by constructing a pole that doesnt carry a multitude of different length sections. Short 4's, long 4's, parallel 4's have all gone as they have produced a number 4 and 5 section that actually make the pole better the longer its used. Frenzee introduce the medium number 4 and 5 sections. As well as this the pole comes with just one design of top kit. The super 2 is a new breed of kit that is as stiff and light as a match top 3 yet has all the power of a power top 2. All come supplied with the eeze glyde side puller.  A host of added extras including JAS (Joint Alignment System), distance markers and a slick glide finish are just a few of the advanced extras with this pole. Pole package includes: 1 x 13m Pole 1 x 14.5m Extension 1 x 16m Extension 1 x Dolly But Extension 8 x Top 2 Kits 1 x Cupping Kit 1 x Spare Number 4 section. In stock and available to order.

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